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Like every day, Naruto was training near the village of Konoha.
It was already late. And the sun was setting in the horizon. Normally he
trained alone, but Kiba was with him this time so they could
perfect their taijitsu together.

-“I’m going to stop for now…”-Kiba said as he felt he was out of breath.
-”¿Eh, Why? Lets go on for a little more man, don’t be a coward,” Naruto told Kiba adapting an offensive position.
-”¡That’s not it!”-responded an annoyed Kiba.”It’s just, I have to go to a celebration.”
Naruto let go of his stance and pouted, while Kiba walked to the tree to pick up his belongings.

-”¿Celebration?”-asked Naruto.

Kiba took multiple sips from his water bottle and then responded.

-“Today we’re celebrating a party for every ninja who passed the Chuunin exam,“-said Kiba in a mocking tone. Seeing as Naruto hasn’t passed the Chuunin exams yet since he spent three years out training with Jiraiya.-“I’m officially invited since I’m one of those ninjas!”

-“Kuso….”thought Naruto as he decided that it was also his time to go. His urge to continue training had left him.

Kiba and Naruto returned to the village together. Along the way they kept talking.

“Its been decided that the party in honor will be held at the house of the Hyuugas. its a really huge clan house and there’s extra space. Everyone will be there - said Kiba - Ino, Neji, Shino, Hinata…

Just the sound of  Hinata’s name, sent a chill down Naruto’s back. This girl was the reason he couldn’t sleep at night and she was the cause of him not being able to concentrate on his training.

Ever since Naruto returned to the village, he started feeling something that he had never felt before. Just after he got back to Konoha, he went to Ichiraku Ramen, now that he missed his delicious food. While he was eating he saw a gorgeous girl with long dark hair pass by. .It left him completely stunned, so much that it formed a knot in his stomach that he couldn‘t continue eating. He left the bowl of ramen without finishing it and went after this mystery girl to figure out just who it was. He followed her cautiously so she wouldn’t notice his presence. When Naruto reached his goal and moved closer, he was astonished to find out the person he had been stalking was Hinata.

After that, every time he sees her in the village, every time he looks or talks to her, millions of butterflies do back flips in his stomach, his cheeks turn red and he can barely get the words out. He learned that Hinata grew up to be more open and not as shy as she was before,-she changed. Various nights he kept himself awake nonstop thinking about her and her beauty. And that was just 2 weeks after he returned to the village.

“-Eh! Naruto wake up!”-Kiba told him, giving him a slight push-”You’ve got you’re head in the clouds! What’s wrong with you? Ever since you got back to the village you’ve been acting strange…Did something happen while you were training with Jiraiya?
“-Eh? Ah….no…no its not that….it’s nothing, don’t worry about it.-Naruto responded after coming back to reality.
“-Mmmm…so much training- its got your head all messed up…you should relax more….hey! How about you come to the party tonight?
“-to the party? ¿me? But I’m not a Chuunin….
“-Bah, it’s the same…at the party there could be the family members and our closest friends….¡lets go! I’ll invite you to come with me!

Naruto was at the point of denial….at the point where he wanted to say ”thanks, but its ok…I don’t like gatherings. I prefer relaxing tonight.” But he probably remembered that Hinata would be there too.

“-¿Would you really do that? I can go??”
“-¡Of course!-said Kiba with a smile on his face-I’m sure nobody would mind if you came.”
“¡¡sure alright!!

Naruto and Kiba continued their walk to Konoha. Once they got there they went their separate ways to their houses to take a shower and prepare themselves for the party. On the way to his house, Naruto passed in front of the grand door of the Hyuuga mansion, for the moment, it was closed.

“-tonight…”-he thought-¡tonight will be  definitive! I cant take it anymore… ¡this night I will talk to her and I’ll say….
“- ¿Naruto-kun?

A voice was heard behind Naruto, surprising him.

“- ¡Hi-Hi-Hinata! – he said feeling the knots form in his throat and in his stomach by seeing the girl with eyes so kind.
-¿what are you ding here in front of the house of Hyuuga?-said the girl who also seemed a little red.
-Ehhh….I…well, its…you see-,”stuttered out Naruto while scratching the back of his head and smiling trying to hide his nervousness.-Well…I…I’m coming…going to the party tonight….Kiba invited me…
- ¿Really? you’re coming?”-asked Hinata as she was avoiding eye contact.-¡I’m glad!”
“-hehe…yeah…¡me too!
“Well then…I’ll see you later Naruto-kun, right now I have to clean myself up….and I’m pretty sure you do too-she said with a smile seeing the dirt that covered up most of Naruto’s clothes.

Naruto noticed, embarrassed, he had been like that ever since he finished training with Kiba. His clothes were dirty and sweaty, and the cause of his mortification was that Hinata had seen him in this state.

“Ah…yeah-he said blushing-its because I just got back from training with Kiba…and well, hehehe…”

She only smiled. As she went to the door of the Hyuuga Household and opened it, she entered but not before saying goodbye to Naruto.

“-Well then…I’ll see you tonight.
“yeah…until then“-Naruto responded completely hypnotized.

Hinata closed the door behind her while Naruto stayed there for a while not moving from that spot. After a few minutes he reacted and realized it was getting dark and he should hurry so he wouldn’t be late.

He rushed to his house and the first thing he did was take a shower. After ten minutes, he was ready. He asked himself if it was going to be an elegant party or a normal party. Either way he didn’t have any elegant clothes, so he got orange pants and a black shirt. That was enough. He left his head band, since he didn’t think he would need it at the celebration.

While he was waiting for the time in which he would meet up with Kiba, he collapsed on his bed with his arms behind his head for a while. The first thing that came to his mind was the girl that drove him crazy. An hour had passed since he had his little conversation with her and he had the urge to see her again. Tonight was the night, he was definitely going to tell her how he felt about her. He couldn’t take this anymore-he was going to see her and find out if he had any chances with her..

The time had finally come for him to set out and meet with Kiba so the they could arrive at the party together. The village was silent at night and you could only hear the sound coming from the Hyuuga household.

Naruto found Kiba at the place where they had just been training. He was glad to see that Kiba was also dressed in casual clothes. After they met up with each other the two boys started walking towards the house of the Hyuugas.They heard a huge scandal coming from the inside.

“-¡Waaaaa, incredible, its huge!-said Naruto after seeing the size of the Hyuuga Mansion.

There was a huge patio surrounding the little houses. Deep in the patio was an enormous building.

“-The houses over here - signaled Kiba as they both walked through the patio -are the homes of the Hyuuga clan members. The building deep down here is the Hyuuga headquarters, thats where they have important meetings and stuff like that.”
“¿and…how do you know all that?-asked Naruto as his eyes wandered around. There wasn’t a soul in sight it seemed as if everyone was already inside the building.
“-Hinata’s in my team, baka-responded Kiba-I’ve been to this place thousands of times. Look, Hinata’s house is right over there.

Kiba signaled with his hand to the direction of the girl’s house.

“Mmm…I see“-thought Naruto.

Kiba and Naruto finally made it to the Central Building. As soon as they entered they encountered most of the familiar people of Konoha: Tsunade, Iruka, Kakashi, Anko…also various members of the Hyuuga clan, and of course all their friends that made it to Chuunin level.

Various people saw Naruto and Kiba come in , and went to welcome them and most of all congratulate Kiba for his rank. Naruto searched through many people to see if he could find Hinata. He lost sight of Kiba as he continued his hunt for her.

“-I’m glad you‘re here, Naruto kun.”

Naruto turned around immediately, And the sight of Hinata being there took his breath away. She was dressed in a violet kimono that made her look more beautiful than she already was.

“- Ah, hey Hinata“-said Naruto intending not to seem so nervous. He didn’t want to ruin everything ,his nervousness led him to in the past-not tonight.-”-you’re…. you…

“you’re beautiful, tell her Naruto, come on you can do it”-Naruto told himself.

“You happy- you passed the Chuunin exams?”-Naruto finally blurted out.

“-damn, damn it, Naruto you idiot….¡Isn’t’ that what you wanted to tell her!” he mentally cursed at himself.

“-¡actually yes!-said Hinata with a smile on her face- From now on I’ll force myself to get better and better, but…”
“-it’s just you’re…well…I feel bad for you, Naruto-kun…I mean I know how much you wanted to be a Chuunin…
¡Ah, Don’t worry about it! With all the training I’ve had these last few years, next year I’ll pass the Chuunin exam for sure. You’ll see, hehe
“- I’m glad to hear that”- smiled Hinata.

After seeing her smile, Naruto couldn’t take any more of it. He had his heart practically coming out of his chest, he had to tell her right away. He grabbed her by the shoulders and pushed her to an isolated place.

“Hinata, there’s something I have to tell you…”

To be continued….
the original story belongs to i merely translated it...which was hard:phew:

:aww:version en español aqui-[link]
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